VBS June 12-16  9am-Noon

This year’s VBS will turn your kids into Galactic Starveyors!  As kids focus their telescopes on the marvels painted in the sky by the Creator, they will discover the wonder among all wonders – that the God who created everything there is – the knowable and the unknowable, the visible and the invisible – wants a personal relationship with them!  Let your kids come to the clubhouse as we show them the God who is over the moon in love with them!

Online registration is now closed but don't fret! You may register at the church the Monday VBS begins!

We still need these snacks for VBS, no individual serving packings please.
Stauffer's Animal Crackers, Original
Original Oreos
Original Chips Ahoy
Original Goldfish

Donations can be placed in buckets throughout the church on Sunday. Thank you for helping making VBS a success.

Frequently Asked Questions/kids

What is VBS?  
Vacation Bible School (VBS) is 5 days of fun for kids entering kindergarten (must be 5 years by Sept.1 2017) through completing 4th grade. 

When is VBS?  
June 12-16.   9:00am-Noon

When does online registration close?  
Online registration closes Sunday, May 28.  We encourage online registration to avoid long lines.

What if I miss online registration deadline?  
You may register in person during the week of VBS.

 How much does it cost?  
Free, Free, Free!   

How do I purchase a VBS T-shirt for my child?  
Click on the T-Shirt link at the top of this page to order.  $10/each.  T-shirts will be available for pick up on June 4.

What should my child wear?  
Please have your child wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes each day (no flip flops, please).

Where do I drop off my child?  
Pre-K and Kinder – each day, the parent/guardian will check in at the Preschool Check-in located in Kid Central and receive child’s nametag and parent pick up receipt.  From there, you will be directed to their classroom. 

First-Fourth grades – will check in with parent at any of the check in computers located in the East Foyer, West Foyer of the Worship Center or in Kid Central.   A nametag with class number and parent pickup receipt will be generated for you at check in each day.  Please note the class number on the nametag and find corresponding number on flags in the Worship Center to locate your child’s class.

Where do I pick up my child each day?
Pre-K – Kinder – Please present your pick up receipt to a teacher in the same classroom where you dropped off your child.

First-Fourth grades - Please present your pick up receipt to a teacher in the Worship Center where you dropped off your child.

What if my child has an injury or medical issue?
You will be contacted using the phone numbers you give us on the registration page.   If we cannot reach you, we will call the Emergency Contact listed on your registration.

What if I need to change my information on a registration that I already submitted?
Click here to send your request to Jackie Winn with any changes.

My child has a friend but they are in a different grade.  Can they still be together during VBS?
No.  We group kids by the current grade they are in.

My child is inviting a friend that doesn’t go to First Baptist Mansfield, what do I do to make sure they are in the same group?
Enter the friend’s full name on your child’s registration from where it asks for a “Friend Request”.  Please ask the friend’s parent to register their child by May 28, 2017.  Both children need to be registered by May 28 to be placed in the same group.  Remember that we group kids by grade. If the friend is in another grade, they cannot be placed together.  Friend requests received after May 28 are not guaranteed.

What if my child wants to change groups during VBS?
Please go to the Registration tables in Kid Central.  Do not move your child to another group before going to Registration.  For your child’s safety, groups are formed so we know where your child is at all times.  Teachers are not authorized to move children to a different group.

What is Family night?
Families and friends are invited to Family Night, Thursday, June 15.  This is a fun time to come together to see and hear what the kids have learned through music and family games. 

Frequently Asked Questions/volunteers

How many volunteers are needed for VBS?
Over 200 students and youth help make a successful VBS each year. 

How can I volunteer for VBS?
Adult and Student FBC members and regular attendees are welcome to apply!  Please complete Volunteer registration form.  All adult and student volunteers who are 18 years and older and working with children will need to undergo a background check.  If we do not already have a form on file for you, we will email you one.  Student volunteers will be emailed a separate Student Helper Application to complete and return to the Children’s Ministry.  Once approved, volunteers will be contacted by a member of the Children’s or Preschool ministries and given their assignment.

Is there a minimum age requirement to volunteer?
Yes.  Student volunteers must have completed the 5th grade during the 2016-17 school year.

What is deadline for registering as a Volunteer? 
We must have your registration and completed background check form no later than May 28.

If I volunteer and I have an infant or child too young for VBS, is there childcare?
Yes.  Please list that child’s(ren) name(s) and complete birthdate(s) in the space provided on the Volunteer Application.

I can’t serve during VBS but can I volunteer before or after the event?
Yes, we need volunteers to assist in set-up, clean-up, make follow-up phone calls, make follow-up visits, help sort leftover teaching and craft items. 

Can I volunteer to help at Family Night only?
Yes!  We need people to greet at the doors.

I was a volunteer last year - do I have to fill out another volunteer application this year?
Yes, each year we ask you to complete a new volunteer application.

When are the VBS planning meetings for teachers?

Preschool Volunteer Meetings

May 3, 6:30pm - Preschool VBS Training
May 10, 6:30pm - Preschool VBS Training

 (Choose one of the above)

May 31, 6:30pm - Preschool Prep Night
June 7, 6:30pm - Student/Greeter Training

Elementary Volunteer Meetings

May 3, 6:30pm - 1st and 2nd grades
May 10, 6:30pm - 3rd and 4th grades
May 17, 6:30pm - Rotation teams
May 31, 6:30pm - Prep Night
June 7, 6:30pm - Student/Greeter Training