Pastor Search Committee’s Process for FBCM

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the Pastor Search Committee for First Baptist Church Mansfield is prayerfully committed to seeking the man that God is calling to be our new Senior Pastor.  The following steps are a simple guide to help us in this process, and these steps may be modified as needed to accomplish that purpose.  As a committee, we have agreed that when the day comes to present our choice for Senior Pastor to the whole Church Body, it will be the unanimous decision of the FBCM Pastor Search Committee.  

1.    Step One – Getting Started

 A.  announce vacancy with cut-off date by posting opening for

      senior pastor on SBC and Sbtc websites along with the

      cut-off date to submit résumés

 b.  Receive résumés from prospective candidates

 c.  send a confirmation letter to all candidates whose résumés have

             been received                

        d.  conduct church wide surveys

2.   Step Two – Résumé and Data Assessment

       A.  divide the total number of résumés received into smaller groups

            to be prayed over and reviewed by each member of the pastor

            search committee between the regularly scheduled meetings until

            all résumés have been initially reviewed and discussed

       B.  Identify from each group those candidates to be considered


       C.  Send a second letter to all candidates no longer being considered

       D.  After all the résumés received for the position of Senior Pastor

            have been reviewed and discussed, if the number of prospective

            candidates to be considered further exceeds ten or twelve, then

            this group of résumés will be prayerfully reviewed a second time     

            in order to reduce the number of final candidates

3.    Step Three – First Contact

       A.  Mail the final prospective candidates a questionnaire, and include

            a cut-off date to return the questionnaire

       B.  Those prospective candidates who do not return the questionnaire

            by the cut-off date will be removed from consideration

       C.  Obtain three kinds of sermons from each candidate: evangelistic,

            doctrinal and pastoral

       D.  Narrow the number of candidates after reviewing their responses

            to questionnaires and listening to the sermons they provided

       E.  Send letter to those candidates no longer being considered

4.   Step Four – Getting Serious

       A.  Check the references on résumés of the remaining final candidates

       B.  Obtain secondary references from those originally provided

            by candidates

       C.  Visit in person the Churches of the remaining prospective


       D.  Conduct background checks on prospective candidates

            1)   Financial

            2)  Criminal

       E.  Phone interview with each final candidate

       F.  Face-to-face interview with each final candidate and their spouse

       G.  Send letter to those candidates no longer being considered

5.   Step Five – Making the Final Selection

        A.  The ultimate goal of this step is to prayerfully have one choice

             for our new Senior Pastor to bring before the Church in

             compliance with the FBCM by-laws

        B.  The final number of prospective candidates still under

             consideration will be prayerfully listed in the order that the

             pastor search committee feels lead to pursue the prospective


        C.  Send the candidate a letter notifying him that he is the 

             committee's final choice. Along with this letter send the 

             candidate the church's information to include the following

             and other information that may be helpful for him to

             prayerfully determine God’s leadership

             1)  Senior Pastor’s job description

             2)  Church’s Constitution and by-laws

             3)  Church’s vision and mission statement

             4)  Current Church’s budget

             5)  Current attendance for Life Group and Worship

             6)  Current leadership

             7)  Demographics of community

             8)  Other material about the Church or community

        D.  Make a private personal visit with the candidate and his family

             on the field

        E.  Send a letter to those candidates no longer being considered

6.   Step Six – Confirming God’s Leadership

       A.  The candidate is invited to make a convenient visit to FBCM

            1)   The purpose of this visit is for him and his family to see the

                 facilities, visit with the Committee, and evaluate the community

            2)  meet with Church council, Stewardship, and personnel to

                 discuss Any details or questions relating to his coming as

                 senior pastor. including a full discussion of salary, benefits,

                 moving expenses, vacations, Sundays away from pulpit, etc.

                 everything is to be put in writing.

            3)  Set a time for the candidate to come in view of a call

            4)  Candidate Preach in view of call 

            5)  Presentation of candidate to the Church

            6)  Church vote

       b.  Contact the candidate with results of vote

7.   Step Seven – The Final Responsibility of the Search Committee

       A.   Upon acceptance

             1)  Notify the Church when the new Senior Pastor will be moving

                 to the field

             2)  Send a letter to the Church from the new Senior Pastor

       B.   Relocation and Welcome