Welcome to the student ministry at First Baptist Mansfield!

Our preteen and middle school ministries exist to guide students to a multiplying impact for Christ’s Kingdom. We believe the call to make an impact for Jesus is not just limited to adults but is applicable to every follower of Christ. While we understand the preteen and middle school years can be difficult seasons of life, we know God can use these students in profound ways. 

Our hope is that this ministry not only shapes and molds these students but also that it unleashes them to invest in our community and the world.  In order to accomplish this, we structure our programming to allow students to do three things each Sunday:

1.) BELONG in a life group.

2.) WORSHIP with the church body.

3.) SERVE in a ministry area.

9:00am - Belong (Life Groups)

[Education Building at 9:00am; Preteen/Middle School Buildings at 9:15am]

A time for students to connect with their peers in a Christ-centered environment through biblical discussion, worship, study, and prayer. In Christian fellowship, our goal is for students to grow in their relationships with both God and each other.

Free breakfast will be served in the Education Building common area at 9:00am Sundays.

10:30am - Worship

[Worship Center]

A time for students to sing praises to God, pray together, give tithes and offerings, hear the preaching of God’s word, and respond to the calling of God on their lives. We were created to worship God; and so our desire is for every person to gather together in corporate worship.

4:30pm - Serve

[Preteen/Middle School Buildings]

A time for students to serve their local church and community through the use of their spiritual giftings. Students will serve once a month in their community and serve a church ministry all other weeks, followed by a time of discipleship training. 

This is to live out the Christian call: to become servants and to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The goal is to push students outside of their comfort zones, challenging them to take an identity in Christ and gain a perspective which looks outward to see how they may make an influence for Christ.


Parker Headshot.png

Parker Stilley

Parker is the Preteen & Middle School Minister at FBC Mansfield. He has a background and continued interest in music and youth ministry, apologetics, and stage theatre. Above all, his heart is to see students come to understand, appreciate, and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Parker is a student at Criswell College, pursuing a bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.