Eddie Valenzuela, 2020 Council Member

Eddie & his wife, Michelle have been at First Mansfield since 2011, but have been serving in ministries since 2001. They have 3 children in three different ministries; Children, PreTeens, and Youth. Over the years, Eddie has taught Sunday School, traveled for short-term mission trips, built homes, led outreach and served in street & door-to-door evangelism.

Life Verse: Galations 2:20
Passion: My Family, I love spending time with them. I enjoy the simple dates my wife and I have. We can go and have a cup of coffee and talk about anything. One of my favorite things to do is go on dates with my kids. My daughters like to go to the coffee shop (like mom) and we just sit and talk. With my son we call it "hanging out" and we may go to the park or ride our bikes around the neighborhood.


Favorite Movie: Elf & Braveheart
Favorite Ministry Moment: My favorite ministry moment had to be my first mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico. I had the privilege to lead a team of 40 people in sharing their faith.