Pastor Advisory Council & Committees


  • To oversee all affairs of the Church
  •  To review all proposed actions of the Church and present a recommendation to the Church body for consideration

  • To assist and encourage all Committees in the fulfillment of their responsibilities

  • To promote trust and harmony among the Church body through openness and communication

  • To lead the Church in planning, coordinating, conducting and evaluating the ministries and programs of the Church and its organizations.

Standing Council Members: Scott Campbell, Steve Cooper, Joey Lemons, Danny Swafford, Eddie Valenzuela

Nominating Committee

  • To nominate persons to fill positions, including committee members, whose gifts, potential, experience, and proven commitments to the ministries of the Church match the requirements of the position. 
  • The nominating committee shall present its recommendations to the Church Council.

Standing Committee Members: Cory Huggins, David Husbands, Sally McClure, Pris Redmon, Bob Woodland

Personnel Committee

  • Assist the Church in matters related to employed personnel. 
  • Work with the Senior Pastor in surveying the need for additional Pastoral staff and support personnel positions. 

  • Prepare and update position descriptions for all employed personnel. 

  • Develop and recommend to the Church Council, policies and procedures for employed personnel administration. 

  • Work with the Senior Pastor in the employment of the Pastoral staff as described in Article Three, Section 1, and parenthesis 2 of the FBCM By-Laws. 

  • Work with the Pastoral staff in the employment of support personnel as described in Article Three, Section 2 of the FBCM By-Laws. 

  • Annually develop and recommend to the Church Council the salaries and benefits for employed personnel, recommended as part of the budget creation and approval process.

Standing Committee Members: Don Ellis, Michael Glover, Kenny Hibdon, Jack Riddles, Johnny Wright

  • Evaluate all local and global mission opportunities and make recommendations to the Church Council for any new opportunities. 
  • Maintain a prioritized listing of all missions and evaluate progress of each one to ensure that the church is pursuing only those missions that are in keeping with the budget, vision, and purpose of the church. 

  • Make recommendations to the Church Council regarding those missions that are no longer viable, affordable, or are no longer in keeping with the church’s vision and purpose. 

  • Ensure that the church’s mission efforts receive visibility and provide feedback of mission results to the church body. 

  • Develop and maintain a plan to involve the church body as much as possible in supporting all mission opportunities.

Standing Committee Members: Haley Fisher, Jeff Keck, Ron Nichols, Jeremy Rudd, Michelle Valenzuela

Missions committee

Stewardship Committee

  • Take steps to ensure that sound procedures are used for receiving, counting, safeguarding, and disbursing funds. 
  • Develop and recommend to the Church Council, policies and procedures for accounting practices. 

  • Prepare proposed annual Church budget and submit to the Church Council. 

  • Make recommendations to the Church Council during the year when adjustments in the budget need to be adopted. 

  • Review expenditures periodically in terms of budget allocations and actual receipts.

Standing Committee Members: Michelle Canton, Michael Fore, Moises Hernandez, Ron Redmon, Gene Tennison

Membership Committee

  • To investigate and report to the Church Council on any questions regarding membership, in accordance with Article Two of the FBCM By-Laws.
Standing Committee Members: Brandon Dobson, Larry Greene, Mike Simpson, Roger Swofford, Tina Wiebers